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Over the years, Acorn and Elemental8 have teamed up to bring innovative products to market. And now we've made our working relationship official—we've merged. Together, we bring a fully integrated, turnkey product development experience to our clients. From user experience, industrial design, and branding to product design, engineering, and manufacturability—our team will turn your idea into a commercialized product—from start to finish. To learn more about our expanded capabilities, read our press release, contact us, or scroll down and sign up for updates below.

press release

Take a look at a few of our projects.

Mobile Antenna


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Services Provided

Personal Mammography Screening Scanner


Paired with a smart phone app, first pocket-size imaging device for use at home in conjunction with monthly self exams or when a breast abnormality or lump is found

Services Provided

Multimonitor Adapter


Services Provided

Nintendo DS Lite Case


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Services Provided

Senior Communication and First Response Wearable Unit


Services Provided

Acuson P10 Portable Ultrasound Scanner


First pocket-size ultrasound device for cardiology, emergency medicine, and obstetrics applications.

Services Provided

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