Transforming sample preparation for underserved clinical genomics applications.


Purigen Biosystems – DNA / RNA Extraction Platform

Purigen Biosystems’ DNA / RNA Extraction Platform redefines nucleic acid sample prep by providing an innovative platform based on the remarkably efficient isotachophoresis technology invented at Stanford University. This hands-free platform can process biological samples to deliver qPCR and NGS prep-ready nucleic acid using disposable plastic chips.



User Experience
Program Management

The mechanical complexity of the project, including all of the diverse subsystems, required deep design and engineering expertise for everything from motion control, thermal analysis, chassis and EMI design to ID and early DFM implementation.


Acorn's design and engineering relationship with Purigen provides an excellent model for rapid and responsive product development—from initial concepts to a complete solution, with cutting-edge design for optimal manufacturability.

The multi-disciplinary team drove a holistic system level solution for the platform. Rather than isolated design, engineering, and manufacturing teams, the project team combined their disciplines day-to-day and created a cohesive final product that truly resonates with the market.


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