Skills practice in an immersive virtual environment.


Intuitive Surgical — da Vinci Surgical System Skills Simulator

Simulation in all forms is an important part of the learning experience for surgical technology. By providing a controlled re-creation of critical steps in instrument control, simulation allows surgeons to practice their skills in a non-clinical environment. 

The da Vinci Skills Simulator contains a variety of exercises and scenarios specifically designed to give users the opportunity to improve their proficiency with the da Vinci surgeon console controls. The sleek case seamlessly integrates with an existing da Vinci® Si™ or Si-e™ surgeon console* turning it into a novel practice platform that can be used in or outside the operating room. No additional system components are required.



Research and Strategy
Program Management
Industrial Design

Acorn Product Development created the industrial design, and developed a mounting system, thermal solution, and interconnect scheme that integrated smoothly with the existing DaVinci robot system.


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