World's first commercially available proton therapy system.


Varian – ProBeam Proton Therapy System

Varian's ProBeam proton therapy system is a cancer treatment system that uses protons rather than X-rays to treat cancerous tumors with great precision. It is effective for certain types of cancers and can treat with a high dose of radiation to the tumor, while delivering lower radiation to the surrounding healthy tissue.  



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Undergoing cancer treatment can be a painful, frightening time for patients. The Varian ProBeam's spacious treatment room is designed create a welcoming soothing atmosphere. Therapists are able to maintain all-important human contact during treatment through one-handed patient positioning controls, an open treatment area, and transparent radiation shielding.


The precision proton therapy provided by this system allows therapists to target tumors while limiting damage to healthy tissue, meaning patients experience fewer side effects then they would with other forms of radiation therapy. By shortening treatment times, patients and caregivers can get back to living their lives. Being able to provide accurate treatment to more patients in a shorter amount of time helps reduce the cost of healthcare, providing a significant benefit to society.


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