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Spacelabs Xprezzon Bedside Monitor

Spacelabs Xprezzon is a high acuity modular monitor suited for adult, pediatric, neonatal care, and perioperative environment. Xprezzon features a variety of configurations to fit the unique space and needs of any clinical environment.



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User Experience
Industrial Design

The Xprezzon provides easy access to patient data, creating information at the point of care for the clinician. The optional dual-display allows a dedicated full screen view of physiologic information plus a secondary screen for an alternative presentation of the patient’s clinical data.

A modern and innovative design provides an appealing and comfortable experience for both patients and their families. The sleek, frameless display makes cleaning easier to minimize the risk of infection. Ergonomic and versatile mounting solutions enhance the overall appearance of the care environment. Various solutions for both monitor and cable management ensure a more organized and efficient workflow at the bedside.

spacelabs-stand-one screen.jpg

The sleek, frameless display integrates highly visible LED alarm lights. These illuminate in the front and rear, enhancing the clinician’s ability to identify which monitor is alarming in the busy care environment. Xprezzon is also sensitive to a patient’s need for a good night’s rest, intuitively dimming the display in low ambient light.


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