Robotics Systems Design

Combining innovation with manufacturability

Robotics-based products accelerate processes, reduce risk, and advance capabilities through precise actions. Commercializing complex, precise, robust, reliable, and manufacturable electromechanical systems requires a multidisciplinary team with deep experience in both robotics systems design and design for manufacturability. And that's where we excel. Our seasoned engineering team and worldwide ecosystem of suppliers and manufacturers bring an unprecedented level of experience, innovation, and state-of-the-art technology to your project.

"The big problem is production. They [companies] usually overestimate how easy it is to do. It’s really hard."

Dmitry Grishin, Grishin Robotics

We embrace the challenges of robotics.

Whether your robot must operate in harsh conditions, maintain precision throughout millions of actuations, or work alongside people, our team has the robotic system design expertise required to meet your unique requirements.

Understand unique requirements.

  • Combine electromechanical systems with control systems that rely on inputs from a variety of sensors.
  • Deliver precision, robustness, and reliability simultaneously.
  • Ensure operation in harsh conditions, rough terrain, and remote locations as required.

Minimize risk and maximize results.

  • Capitalize on our team's extensive experience and multidisciplinary engineering expertise.
  • Leverage our ability to design complex products for reliable, cost-effective manufacturability.
  • Utilize our worldwide ecosystem of suppliers and manufacturers to take your product from prototype to production.

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