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Power Mac G4


Services Provided

Apple engaged Acorn to create a new Power Mac chassis to accommodate more powerful processors, more RAM, and multiple drives—all with better cooling and EMI shielding than previous models.

7048 (1RU)/7500 (10RU)


Services Provided

Designed chassis mechanicals to accommodate airflow-constrained high port-density front panels capable of cooling extremely high-power chips; created supply chain for for initial production units

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics

Services Provided

Worked with Boston Dynamics on a number of robotics projects, including robots designed to provide extremely reliable operation under rugged conditions

Water Pitcher Line


Services Provided

Developed several decorative sleeves for existing pitchers; solved filtration and condensation challenges

Flip Video


Through the use of microscopic pinholes, light appears to shine through the aluminum casing.

Services Provided

Redesigned the USB arm mechanism, significantly extending the life cycle; leveraged our background in touchscreen mounting and double-shot molding to pass a rigorous drop test

Dolby Conference Phone


Services Provided

Integrated components into an aggressive ID while ensuring acoustic performance and manufacturability; developed light pipe; conducted modal analysis and vibration testing

Game Ready

Game Ready

Portable device that provides active compression and cold therapy for non-narcotic musculoskeletal injury pain relief and accelerated healing

Services Provided

Integrated delivery of continuous cold and intermittent pneumatic compression therapies

Training Console for da Vinci Surgical System

Intuitive Surgical

Simulator that enables medical professionals to perfect skills outside of surgery

Services Provided

Created the industrial design, and developed a mounting system, thermal solution, and interconnect scheme that integrated smoothly with the existing DaVinci robot system.



Services Provided

Developed hundreds of mounting concepts and mechanisms that work with a vast array of monitors and laptop displays; provided IP expertise

Tri-Band WiFi Router


Services Provided

Engineered hinges for six unique antennas, including two single-direction three-position folding hinges and four three-position articulating hinges; worked with toolmaker to ensure challenging housing ID could be molded successfully

eQuill Tablet


Services Provided

Provided turnkey services—from ID concept through product launch; conducted small package tolerance analysis; ensured product was rugged and moisture proof

Avatar Micro II


Services Provided

Designed splice track and gear covers that enable mud to be disgorged during operation

Infiniflash System


All-Flash Storage System for Big Data

Services Provided

Acuson SC2000 Ultrasound System


Services Provided

Developed a chassis thermal solution that accommodates more than 10 PCBs—each in excess of 300 square inches and each containing high-power chips.

Laproscopic Shears


Services Provided

Designed shear and IV pole platform used in multiple surgical tools and developed control features that give surgeons reliable control and precise feedback during operating procedures

SunFire and Constellation

Sun Microsystems (Oracle)

Services Provided

From initial concepts through sustaining engineering, delivered designs for more than 10 Sun products. Precise and thorough thermal and tolerance analysis are key for not only creating great products but also creating key intellectual property and new patents.


Switch Lighting

Services Provided

Provided extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling and empirical verification; analysis resulted in successful thermal and spec compliance for the new ID


Symbol Technologies

Services Provided

Provided CAD and tolerance analysis 24/7 for new image and processor modules; designed for manufacture and assembly concurrently; met aggressive 9-week schedule

High Volume Drive Tester

Teradyne Neptune

Services Provided

Designed a feeder system with the speed, flexibility, and reliability required to accommodate multiple disc drive form factors and production throughput requirements.