Medical Devices

Turn your innovative idea into a commercial product.

At Acorn, we surround your product with the talent and global connections needed to tackle—and simplify—even the most complex engineering challenges. Our seasoned design and engineering team and extensive ecosystem of suppliers and manufacturers bring an unprecedented level of innovation and efficiency to every project—accelerating time to market.

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Precision engineering is our specialty.

To ensure your product delivers precise results—time after time—we focus intensely on both precision and manufacturability throughout the entire design and development process.

Take a systematic, proven approach to product development.

At Acorn, we take a systems-level approach to product development. Our engineers have extensive experience with technologies used in medical devices and instrumentation. As a result, both risk and time-to-revenue are reduced.

Systems-level development approach

  • Technical- and business-level understanding of product requirements
  • Deep understanding of the technology, processes, and key tolerances and sensitivities of variables
  • Holistic, system-level architecture that defines subsystems, interfaces, and handoffs
  • Detailed subsystem design; integration subsystems into an overall product design
  • In parallel, design for manufacturability and assembly to mitigate volume production risks

Medical technology expertise

  • Microfluidics
  • Temperature, humidity, vibration, and other environmental controls
  • Robotics, material handling, and precision motor control
  • Sensing technology

Explore examples of our medical device projects.

Acuson P10 Portable Ultrasound Scanner


First pocket-size ultrasound device for cardiology, emergency medicine, and obstetrics applications.

Services Provided

Game Ready

Game Ready

Portable device that provides active compression and cold therapy for non-narcotic musculoskeletal injury pain relief and accelerated healing

Services Provided

Integrated delivery of continuous cold and intermittent pneumatic compression therapies

Laproscopic Shears


Services Provided

Designed shear and IV pole platform used in multiple surgical tools and developed control features that give surgeons reliable control and precise feedback during operating procedures

Personal Mammography Screening Scanner


Paired with a smart phone app, first pocket-size imaging device for use at home in conjunction with monthly self exams or when a breast abnormality or lump is found

Services Provided

Training Console for da Vinci Surgical System

Intuitive Surgical

Simulator that enables medical professionals to perfect skills outside of surgery

Services Provided

Created the industrial design, and developed a mounting system, thermal solution, and interconnect scheme that integrated smoothly with the existing DaVinci robot system.

Let's explore how to transform your idea into a manufacturable medical device.

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