Laboratory Equipment

Turn your laboratory technology into a commercial product

Taking technology from the lab to production can be challenging. It requires skills, experience, expert design for manufacturing and assembly, and an ecosystem of suppliers. With more than 400 products in our portfolio—including projects for the world's leading medical and laboratory OEMs—Acorn is uniquely qualified to help you transform your technology into a high-volume product. Our innovative approach optimizes quality and reliability, accelerates time to market, and delivers a product that can be manufactured profitably.

Our team will take your product from inception through production, or we can lend our expertise at any phase of development.

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Turn biomedical technology into profitable lab equipment.

Take a systematic, proven approach to product development.

Often complex and machine-based, laboratory products must produce repeatable and reliable results—period. At Acorn, we take a systems-level approach to product development. To ensure your product delivers precise results—time after time—we focus intensely on both precision and manufacturability throughout the entire design and development process. Key elements include:

  • Technical- and business-level understanding of product requirements
  • Deep understanding of the technology, processes, and key tolerances and sensitivities of variables
  • Holistic, system-level architecture that defines subsystems, interfaces, and handoffs
  • Detailed subsystem design; integration subsystems into an overall product design
  • In parallel, design for manufacturability and assembly to mitigate volume production risks

Capitalize on experience and reduce risk.

Our engineers have extensive experience with technologies used in laboratory instruments. As a result, both risk and time to revenue are reduced. These technologies include:

  • Microfluidics
  • Temperature, humidity, vibration, and other environmental controls
  • Robotics, material handling, and precision motor control
  • Sensing technology

Count on worldwide resources.

With Acorn design centers in Silicon Valley, Atlanta, Boston, and China, we bring global resources to every project. From architecture to production, our engineers in the US and in China work directly with an extensive, vetted network of local suppliers and manufacturers on your behalf. This collaborative approach begins early in the development process, ensuring products can be manufactured efficiently.

See how we approach biomedical and laboratory instrumentation projects.

Lab Instrumentation

Lab instruments are complex products to design—unwavering reliability, accuracy, and manufacturability are required. Learn how we approach systems design.


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