Acorn Participation in the BioMeDevice Conference in Boston, April 18-19th, 2018


Ken Haven

April 13, 2018

Acorn will again be participating in this year’s BioMed Device conference in Boston, April 18-19th at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. At our booth (#629), we’ll be showing examples of the work we’ve been doing in the medical device/instrumentation area, as well as other markets. Acorn personnel will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, or to discuss your particular needs.

The key pillars of successful product development, regardless of industry, include people, process, and communication. It’s a team effort, with each group playing a critical role in the process. The culmination of a successful product development is production and deployment to customers, meeting both financial and product performance goals. In today’s global economy, many companies turn to outsource the manufacturing of their products to suppliers/contract manufacturers in China to gain potential cost advantages. Acorn recognized this trend early on and determined the best approach for clients interested in sourcing from China was to develop an engineering presence there. In 2004, Acorn opened a design center in China that would work closely with suppliers and be an integral part of our U.S.- based product development team.

For over a decade, Acorn has been successfully developing hundreds of products with a collaborative effort between our engineering teams in the U.S. and China. While there are a number of advantages of this type of collaborative approach, particularly if you’re planning to manufacture in China, successful implementation requires more than simply setting up an office and hiring people – there are real challenges, risks, along with the opportunities. From cultural differences, language and communication challenges to IP and confidentiality concerns, to workflow and project management, IT infrastructure challenges, running a successful team requires an ongoing commitment and focus.

At this year’s BioMedevice Conference, Acorn CEO Ken Haven, will be presenting a session titled “Strategies for Developing Hundreds of Successful Products with a US/China Team” on Thursday, April 19th from 12:00 – 12:45PM, Center Stage (Booth 563).

Ken’s session will focus on the key elements that have led to the success of this collaboration, along with areas that are still being developed, such as:

Ken will also show how an example project is worked by our US/China team, along with some of the ongoing challenges and rewards of utilizing this approach. It promises to be an interesting session.

If you’d like to receive free passes to the Expo, contact Rachel Robinson in our Boston office –, or call (617) 398-2378. We look forward to seeing you there!

About the author

Ken Haven has been CEO of Acorn Product Development since the company’s founding in 1993. Ken has more than 25 years of product development experience including technical leadership roles with NeXT Computer, Attain, Inc., and Hewlett-Packard. He holds MS and BS degrees in mechanical engineering from Cornell University.