Our Approach

From idea to market, we’ll be there every step of the way.

Whether you need us to conceptualize visions of the future, dive into materials and mechanisms, or support you in solidifying your go-to-market strategy, we’re ready for you.

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An integrated process, from start to finish. 


X: Investigation

Before solving problems, we need to start with a clear definition of what those problems are. Our designers articulate and refine your needs, mapping them to market opportunities. Engineers will work in parallel to assess technical feasibility and risk areas while identifying any missing requirements. This builds a solid foundation upon which to begin product development.


User Research
Marketing Intelligence
Product Definition
Engineering Risk Assessment
Strategic Foresight

1: Concept Development & Strategy

The “what if” phase. Here we use research and creative strategy to explore those complex problem areas and foresee potential challenges before you devote significant resources to a project. Envision your product through vivid illustrations, wireframes, detailed computer models, and renderings. Our interdisciplinary teams develop a range of concepts that creatively meet every product requirement, and we analytically vet them for technical confidence. Then, we work closely with your team to define promising directions for the next steps.


UX and ID Studies
User Testing
Architecture Definition
Engineering Analysis

2: Design & Prototype

The critical stage when concept becomes reality. Using an analytically driven approach, we engineer and guide your product through the prototyping process for testing and validation, while preserving the creative design. We will work with your own processes to integrate this first release into your company as smoothly as possible.


Functional and Aesthetic Prototyping
User Testing
Color, Material, Finish (CMF) Selection
CAD Modeling
Mechanical/Thermal Analysis

3: Production Design & Manufacturing Release

After a well-engineered prototype passes validation testing, key analyses are revisited, the design is updated for volume manufacturing, and documentation is refined and prepared for production release. Our international team is set up to seamlessly transition from design to manufacturing, no matter where it will be made. We are here to make it as easy as possible to deliver your product into the hands of your customers.


Supply Chain Selection
Vendor Validation
Tooling Review and FAIs
Manufacturing Support

4: Product Launch Support

Great products and companies deserve to be noticed. Our team can develop an engaging brand strategy around your product, including logos, websites, packaging, and trade show displays needed to stand out in a competitive marketplace. We are also here to help manage vendors, support engineering change orders, or diversify your supply chain.


Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Retail Packaging
Web Design
Marketing Collateral
Marketing Collateral
Vendor Management
Engineering Change Orders

We’ll meet you where you are.

Our seasoned product development team brings an unprecedented level of innovation and solution to every phase of the product development process, tailoring it to you, your needs, and the way you do business. Our success is your success.

  • I am building a new startup… 

    • We help new startups who have a great idea or technology, but need help creating a compelling, realistic product vision for investors, internal stakeholders, and customers. We'll validate key engineering risk areas, and help point the development process in the right direction to minimize iterations and maximize efficiency.

  • I am expanding my business… 

    • We recognize it can be uncomfortable to move into new areas beyond your proven core competency. We can help guide you through uncertain terrain, finding opportunities before competitors do, then apply a proven track record of product development to get the new technology on track.

  • I need to breathe new life into my product… 

    • Whether it's because you are missing revenue and target goals as a result of product offerings that no longer resonating with evolving consumer needs, or you are focused on staying ahead of the curve and driving the direction of a particular market, we can help you breath new life into an existing product line. Our team of experts can build a comprehensive roadmap of users and their use environments, and we'll utilize our diverse skill-set to derive at the solution you need to avoid the pitfall of stale-brand syndrome.

  • I need help getting over the finish line… 

    • Our international team can work with your vendors, no matter where they are, or leverage our vast trusted supplier network to get your product to market.

  • I need to get to market yesterday… 

    • Our comprehensive expertise in Product Development can find ways to minimize your development time and maximize efficiency.

  • I need to find a way to reduce manufacturing cost…

    • Facilitating various manufacturing processes in order to reduce manufacturing costs is key to development success. Leveraging our office in China, we have a proven track record of reducing part cost, identifying key cost savings during assembly, and maximizing return on investment.

  • What issues might I encounter?

    • Depending on the project, timing, and complexities involved, problems may arise at any point during the process. Rest assured that we've seen it before and that our vast experience in Product Development will quickly identify trouble spots and potential solutions. Feel free to let us know of any questions or concerns, we will be more than happy to share our insights with you.

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